Monday, 24 August 2015

One lump or two?

Who else finds a coffee or two an essential way to kick-start the day? We’re now on our third cup, with some of us even consuming two at a time (don’t ask!) – and there are still quite a few hours of the working day to go.

There’s always the “just got into the office” mug, when you catch up with colleagues huddled around the kettle. You sip one slowly while you discuss last night’s TV, then another as you tackle the emails in your inbox – and knock another down as you prepare for that afternoon meeting or busy session in the shop.

Coffee is good, so is tea – red-hot and made with Yorkshire tea bags, of course. Sorry if we appear biased here, but it really is the best, strong and well-rounded, just as we like it “oop North”.

Then, of course, there is the drinking vessel to consider and the accompanying biscuit, slice of cake or cream bun if you’re celebrating a colleague’s birthday. Taking a look around BETA International HQ, it is fair to say that we are a team made up of individuals of differing tastes.

Trade fair organiser Claire Thomas sports a trio of favoured mugs on her desk – including one with an English cottage garden design – Lesley Manson in accounts loves her Donny Osmond mug and ETN advertising sales manager Nicki Lewis has a mug with her name on it – just in case she forgets. No, seriously, it has a detailed description of what her name means, which always comes in handy when having a slurp.

The biscuit barrel goody of choice in this neck of the woods is either a ginger nut – all spicy and crisp – or a buttered scone from the baker's. What keeps you going through the day? Are you a super-health-conscious bunch with a juicing bullet in the kitchen and a water tower in reception or are you just as partial as us to a drop of hot liquid refreshment?



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