Thursday, 10 September 2015

Have you got a carrot to dangle?

Every one of us has that “donkey gene” – dangle a carrot, and we’ll find it hard to resist. Discounts, special offers, “two for the price of one” deals and prize draws offering the opportunity to bag a whole heap of goodies are all guaranteed to get us rushing to buy or sign on the dotted line.

The fact might be presented here in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek manner but seriously, folks, promotions are a great way to generate increased footfall, bolster customer numbers and boost sales – an exercise in proactive marketing employed by many successful BETA International exhibitors who use the medium to drive visitors to their stand.

If you’re set to enjoy a presence at the 2016 trade fair – and want to make the most of the experience – why not use a few exclusive show offers to help raise awareness of your company and products? They’ll help you to stand out from the crowd, serve as an introduction to new customers and give visitors a strong raison d’être to stop off at your stand.

There’s lots you can do, so live life to the max and go for it – rustle up some great ideas, knock ’em about a bit and, when you think they’ve got legs, let ’em go. Make sure you tell people about them, though. It’s no use hiding your light under a bushel, because nobody will get to hear about them and only you and a few of your close friends and colleagues will be in the know!

BETA International’s official media partner, ETN (Equestrian Trade News), offers a great platform for shouting about special offers and on-stand competitions. Every exhibitor is automatically offered the chance to send in up to 200 words of editorial and a photo for consideration.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that every word that flows from your pen will make it into the magazine, but it’s definitely worth doing. How often are you offered something for nothing? So make sure you give it a go.

Some great little extras are also offered to exhibitors who opt to advertise in the magazine. These include the chance to have your show offers highlighted and emailed out to retailers before the event – and the opportunity to have product included in the famous ETN Prize Draw, with £1,000s of fab prizes. What a fantastic way to flag up your presence!

The BETA International Media Centre also offers the perfect promotional opportunity, with the media team ready, willing and able to pass on your details to visiting journalists at the trade fair. Don’t worry – our press officer, Deborah Hayward, will get in touch with you all as the show gets a little closer.

Now is definitely the time to get your thinking caps on, keep calm and rustle up some great incentives for BETA International 2016.

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